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We Are 361 Pop-Up Shops

Hi! My name is Joseph Capers, owner of 361 Pop-Up Shops. A place for you to manage your business and see if you have what it takes for it to grow. Our goal is for you to be a better businessperson than when you started.  


My wife, Ninfa Capers, has a passion for thinking out of the box. She can see things that are not there and question why not. These two things collided one day in 2022. 

Ninfa's daughters had signed up for an outdoor market event. They spent money they did not have extra of to spare but needed to in order to have  a successful event. The event was cancelled due to rain the day of the event . Not only did they not get their deposit back for the booth rented, they also lost on the goods they purchased as well as the time off they requested for the event. As a mother, this made Ninfa sad and wanting to do something. After a night to sleep on it, she brought an idea to me. Victoria, Texas did not have an indoor place to hold a market event, so why don't we do something about it? She started looking around town for a location to secure for the market while I continued to work in Houston. I thought this would happen somewhere down the road. Like most people, Covid caused a set of events that led to my place of employment having to close.

This event allowed us to move to Victoria and hasten the search for a building large enough to hold Ninfa's dream. Once the spot was secured, building started and a 54 booth venue was completed. We wanted to create a market that would allow vendors the opportunity to grow their businesses and eventually be able to start their own free-standing business without the extra overhead expenses.   

We have created a safe place for vendors to come and see if they have what it takes to be a business owner. We rent them the space, they run the business as their own. They market, they advertise, they evaluate their product and make changes, they drive their customer in to see them. They run their business without the expences such as electricity, internet, etc.. in an air conditioned building. They no longer have to break down daily and move from place to place. They drive their customer to them in one place where their customers can find them Wednesday thru Sunday 11 am till 6 pm (if they choose). We allow our vendors to rent daily or week to week so there is no long commitment to try their business. Monthly rates are available also and we encourage new vendors to give it 30 days to change their customer traffic patterns. Some have come and found out they cannot make the commitment to the business to succeed. Some found that the merchandise they thought would sell did not while other have found success and have been with us since we opened in June of 2022. 14 of our vendors have moved on to start their own free-standing business. Will you be the next?

We will continue to be a place to plant your business and see if it can take root and grow, either with us or on your own.

Have you been looking for a place to see if you have what it takes with your business? Are extra expenses in addition to rent, like utilities, internet, etc. cutting into your profits and making maintaining your business an issue? Give us a call or pop in to talk with us. We would like to see if we can help. We are here Wednesday thru Sunday, from 11-6. We would love to see you, even if it is just to talk about your business.

We are that place where opportunity meets desire. Let us help you!





Shop Hours

Friday thru Sunday 11-6pm

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